Elf Monsters

Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal is a bootleg of Pokémon Crystal.


Vietnamese Crystal is exactly like Pokémon Crystal, but with a hilariously bad translation.

The game follows the adventures of [Player Name] as he/she journeys to become the greatest monater coach in elf's world. This will take the player to many places from the Madapo Tower, where people go to practise Buddhism, to the Road of Ultimate, the path leading to the four emperors, grasping many elves along the way, but the road ahead is full of challenges for our young Monster Coach from his/her rival to Team MISSILE BOMB, an evil organization who use monsters to do evils. Will [Player Name] become The Holy of the League? Will [Player Name] grasp them all for Wusiji Dr.? Play the game and find out!


Of course, Vietnamese Crystal contains all of the Pokémon available in Pokémon Crystal but with horribly translated names such as Caml (Rattata),Hehe (Hoothoot), Lap (Pidgey), and Bread (Sandslash).

Quotes (Yes these are all real)

  • "Don't serve the devil."~Old Woman
  • "You had gained monaters from graduate school."~Rival
  • "(Player)!(Item) bag fu*k!"~When you find an item (There are a few variations of this quote depending on the type of item found such as "(Player)!(Item) ball fu*k!" for when the player finds a Pokéball).
  • "This was the thing about three years ago. The group of MISSILE BOMB made use of monsters to do evils."~Old Man
  • "I am very disgusted with the trashy man. in spite of the monster, and the coach, only trashy, I will beat down them all. For this I must strengthen myself. The monster is the same too, collect all the trashy, righteous fellow all are unpardonable. You don't affect me. The trashy strolling is an eyesore."~Inspiring speech from your rival

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