Pokemon Star

Pokémon Star is a mod for Ultra Moon by Rusyaas.


Pokémon Star serves as a sequel for Sun and Moon. Lillie returns to Alola after failing to restore Lusamine, only restoring part of part of her body. You and Lillie must travel across an Alola filled with Ultra beast to help restore Lusamine to her former self.


  • Pikachu Valley is now Lilliechan Valley!- It's exactly what it sounds like.
  • Four new trials!- Totem Pokemon are now Totem beast, super-sized Ultra Beast, and are run by Ultra Captains including Guzma and Plumeria.
  • Uber Ride!- The normal ride Pokemon are replaced with other characters and Pokemon. For example, Tauros is replaced with Kukui.


A multitude of new Pokémon have been added to the game, including mythicals like Zeraora and Marshadow (whose stats have been reworked so they're not OP) and brand new Alolan forms for Pokemon like Voltorb and Machamp, UBs, and Ultra forms for your starter.

Some Pokémon like Combee and Wimpod have had their movesets and stats reworked, and some regular Pokémon can evolve into UBs under certain conditions.


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Note: Pokémon Star is meant to be used with the CITRA emulator